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AzMarie Livingston Biography

AzMarie Livingston is one of the many Empire actors who doesn’t get enough screen time so we were happy to see her in the promotional pics for episode 9 of Empire‘s fourth season “Slave To Memory.” Cookie and Lucious are trying to stop Diana Dubois before she can do any additional damage and it looks like Livingston’s character, Chicken will be helping the Lyons out.

AzMarie Livingston Andre Royo
AzMarie Livingston Andre Royo

AzMarie Livingston was born on December 28, 1986.  The 28 year old fashion model, actress and singer became a star in 2012 after appearing on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion.  While many know her as Raven Symone’s girlfriend, she’s building a reputation of her own.

AzMarie Livingston Biography

AzMarie (Ashley Marie Livingston) grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and remembers the word ‘androgyny’ in her younger years.  She was told that she was masculine yet beautiful at the same time.  Raised by her single mother, Livingston’s father was a flamboyant homosexual which was rare during the time period as intolerance was the norm.

Livingston became interested in modeling when she was 9 years old yet she took a break when she was younger because she didn’t pick up as much.  Livingston attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater but dropped out to pursue her career in California.

We know what happened next! Livingston is now on the hit show Empire and as her career has the potential to skyrocket! Livingston’s partner, Raven Symone is also enjoying a career high as co-host on The View:

Here’s an adorable pic of AzMarie and Raven:

Cast of Empire TV Show AzMarie Livingston
AzMarie Livingston Biography

Hakeem From Empire to Lyon Dynasty
On the Empire TV series Livingston is best friends with Hakeem and she is also his DJ.  Livingston plays Chicken on the Empire TV series.  Chicken has accompanied Hakeem from Empire to Lyon Dynasty.

Empire TV Show Cast
With talented stars like AzMarie the Empire TV show’s cast is one of the strongest on television.  Moreover, the cast of Empire is full of multi-dimensional star with just about everyone on the show being able to sing, including AzMarie!
Cast of Empire Chicken Hakeem

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