Cardi B Performance 2017 – Hot 97 Concert, Hot For The Holidays

Watch Cardi B’s 2017 Hot 97, Hot For The Holidays performance:

In the video above, Hot 97 radio personality, Nessa Diab introduces Cardi B.  She explains that Cardi decided to come perform on her fiancé, Offset’s birthday.  Cardi is making enough money moves to afford to buy Offset a $300,000 Rolls Royce Wraith.  Cardi starts her performance with her 2016 hit, “Foreva.”

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After “Foreva” Cardi B performs “Lick”, “Bodak Yellow“, “No Limit” and “MotorSport.” Cardi needs to drop her debut album ASAP to add more songs to her performances.  

Cardi B Performance 2017 Hot 97 Concert Hot For The Holidays
Cardi B Performance 2017 Hot 97 Concert Hot For The Holidays

Cardi was spotted with Nessa and her the Hot 97 radio personality’s boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick:

In the caption of the Instagram post above, Cardi suggests Colin Kaepernick for president in 2020 and Charlamagne Tha God for vice president.  Although Nessa represents Hot 97, Cardi is makes her alliance to Power 105.1 clear.  In the following post, Charlamagne shows off a plaque he received for his support of “Bodak Yellow.”

Charlamagne hates reality TV stars but he loves Cardi B.  She used Love and Hip Hop to gain fame but Charlamagne is willing to ignore that because she’s a talented rapper.  Azealia Banks called Charlamagne out explaining that she knew he had something to do the song’s success.

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