Cal Bowdler Wife Brooklin – Dr. Phil

Cal Bowdler’s ex-wife, Brooklin, recently made an appearance on Dr. Phil.  James “Cal” Bowdler II is a former NBA star who played for the Atlanta Hawks from 1999 to 2005.  His ex-wife, Brooklin, appeared on Dr. Phil seeking help with her decade long battle with drugs.  Brooklin is currently 34 and she has 3 kids but she doesn’t find motherhood fulfilling.

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Brooklin Bowdler is a model with dreams to become an actress.  She had 3 kids in her 20s so she missed out on numerous opportunities.  When Brooklin met Cal she didn’t know he was in the NBA.  He bought her a phone and a car within their first 3 weeks of dating.

Cal Bowdler Wife Brooklin Dr. Phil
Cal Bowdler Wife Brooklin Dr. Phil

A year after Cal met Brooklin, he bought her a Lexus along numerous items from Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  He also gave her a Neiman Marcus black card and she paid one of her friend’s rent for a year.  Brooke was also able to help one of her friend’s pay for nursing school.

Cal spoiled Brooke and now she’s struggling.  In the video below, Brooke’s mother explains that Brooke and one of her kids moved to Los Angeles when she was 20.  When Brooke’s mother visited Brooke in L.A., it was easy to see that Brooke was on drugs.

The following pic shows Cal and Brooke.  Despite their struggles, they still have a strong bond.

In the following video, Brooke explains that motherhood doesn’t fulfill her.  She dedicated her life to modeling and wants to move to Los Angeles.

In the video below, Brooke’s sister explains that Brooke is using their mother.  Brooke gets upset because she claims that she no longer speaks to her sister.

Cal Bowdler was born on March 31, 1977 in Sharps, Virginia and attended Old Dominion.  The Atlanta Hawks selected him with the 17th pick in the 1999 draft.  Following his NBA career, he briefly worked with the Hawks.

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Brooke is in denial and it’s difficult for Dr. Phil to convince her to listen.  Her methamphetamine and heroin addiction started around 2003 and she’s been struggling with it ever since.

In the following video, Cal calls Dr. Phil and provides more details about Brooke’s addiction.

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