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Baby Maine Harlem – Pop Lotti

Cam’ron recently visited The Breakfast Club to discuss his beef with Mase.  Cam’ron explains that Baby Maine ran Mase out of Harlem.  Cam’ron also discusses the death of Pop Lotti but doesn’t provide much information.  He advises people to listen to his 2017 mixtape, The Program.  Cam discusses Pop Lotti on the song “It’s Killa.”

On “It’s Killa” Cam’ron explains that Mase played Pop Lotti against Baby Maine.  Cam says that he’s close the Pop Lotti’s mother so he didn’t want to speak about the incident.  Baby Maine was Max B’s cousin.  Max B was signed to Jim Jones’ ByrdGang label.  Baby Maine was a drug dealer with major street credibility.

Baby Maine Harlem Pop Lotti
Baby Maine Harlem Pop Lotti

Mase and Baby Maine became friends in the 90s during Mase’s rise to fame.  Mase had relations with Maine’s baby mama and got caught.  Mase was at Maine’s baby mama’s house and Maine showed up so Mase called Cam.  Mase and Cam have known each other for decades so Cam and his crew came to Mase’s rescue.

Cam got Mase out of the situation and Mase only gave Cam $100.  Cam felt disrespected.  Mase discussed the incident in his song “Jealous Guys.”  In the song, Mase claims that Baby Maine said that the woman was his ex-girlfriend.  Mase also makes fun of Maine on the track and brags about having relations with his baby mama.  Maine was furious and let Harlem World know that he was seeking revenge on Mase.

Pop Lotti Harlem

Like Baby Maine, Pop Lotti was a drug dealer.  Baby Maine and Pop Lotti had beef before Mase and Maine’s beef arose.  Pop Lotti was a part of Mase’s crew.  Maine sliced Pop Lotti’s face because of money Lotti owed one of Maine’s friends.  Maine eventually robbed Mase’s associate, Cardan for his chain so Pop Lotti stole a car that belonged to one of Maine’s boys.

Pop Lotti told Maine to come and get the car back and when Maine showed up, Lotti killed him.  A year after Maine was murdered, Pop Lotti was murdered.  The murders of Maine and Pop Lotti led Mase to retire from hip-hop and become a pastor.

Pop Lotti Harlem
Pop Lotti Harlem

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