Assanti Brothers Update – Mother

The Assanti brother break the Internet each time their episode of My 600 lb Life airs.  This article provides updates on Justin and Steven Assanti.  They are both still alive.  Justin is passionate about his hobby shop while Steven continues to struggle with an addiction to pain pills.  Doctors recently found two blood clots in Steven’s leg.  Justin does not share updates about his health.

Assanti Brothers Mother

Assanti Brothers Update Mother
Assanti Brothers Update Mother

Steven and Justin’s father was seen on their episode of My 600 lb Life.  Some viewers blamed their father for being an enabler.  In the video below, the Assanti brothers reveals how difficult their childhood was because of their mother who was an alcoholic.In the video below, the Assanti brothers reveal that their mother would go clubbing at night and leave them food.  Steven was greedy and would eat all the food before Justin could get to it.

Justin Assanti

Justin Assanti doesn’t share information about his health on social media but he’s alive and working hard on his store.  Here’s the address if you’re near Rhode Island:
Hobby Haven
435 Benefit St.
Pawtucket, RI 02861
Justin recently started a Go Fund Me page to bring Hobby Haven to the digital world.  His goal was $35 and he has raised $200.

Steven Assanti

Steven Assanti is still abusing drugs.  In the video above, Steven reveals that he has been to numerous hospitals throughout Texas.  He’s not in denial about his addiction.  He admits that he takes the drugs to get high.  Steven says that sometimes he’s in pain but explains that the pills are very addictive.


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