Amara La Negra – Love And Hip Hop Miami

Amara “La Negra” is a Dominican rapper who will be on season 1 of Love and Hip Hop Miami.  She was born on October 4, 1990 and is currently 27-years-old.  Amara stands up for Afro-Latinas, as proven by using “La Negra” in her name.  She is proud of her Dominican roots and her beautiful dark skin.

Amara was raised by her mother who is a very hard working woman.  She came to the United States from the Dominican Republic and had to work multiple jobs to provide for Amara.  Dominican artists like Cardi B and Anais Martinez have paved the way for Amara.  Unlike Cardi and Anais, Amara isn’t all fun and games.  She has been through ups and downs and she’s working hard to take her career to the next level.

Amara La Negra Love And Hip Hop Miami
Amara La Negra Love And Hip Hop Miami
Like Anais, Amara is looking to crossover into the American market.  Talented bilingual artists are able to expand their brands in multiple countries.  Love and Hip Hop Miami provides a great opportunity for Amara to become a global superstar.

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Amara grew up in Miami and as a child she appeared on the Univision program, Sábado Gigante.  In 2015, Amara and Trina were both featured on the remix of Kent Jones’ hit song “Don’t Mind.”

Check out the Love and Hip Hop Miami super trailer:

In the super trailer above, we see Amara working with producer Elijah “Young Hollywood” Sarraga.  He has worked with numerous artists including Pitbull and the Migos.  Young Hollywood wants Amara to get rid of her afro.  Amara isn’t feeling that so she seeks advice from her friend, Veronica Vega who she has collaborated with on multiple tracks.
Veronica is on Young Hollywood’s side and her and Amara get into a heated confrontation.

Check out Amara’s hit song “Ayy”:

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