Amanda Davis – Net Worth, Age, Massive Spontaneous Stroke

Amanda Davis passed away on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 after suffering a massive spontaneous stroke.  Davis was born in 1955 and was 62-years-old.  On Tuesday, December 26, the Atlanta news anchor was at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport waiting to board a flight when she suffered the stroke.

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Amanda Davis Net Worth: $2 Million

Amanda Davis $2 million net worth was earned through her career as a news anchor.  She graduated from Clark College in Atlanta, Magna Cum Laude.  Amanda had one daughter, Melora Rivera, a director who has helped develop numerous successful films and TV shows including The Game, Being Mary Jane and Sparkle.

Amanda Davis Net Worth Age Massive Spontaneous Stroke
Amanda Davis Net Worth Age Massive Spontaneous Stroke

Davis suffered a stroke while waiting for a flight to attend her father’s funeral

In the tweet below, Davis reveals that her father, Theodore Roosevelt Davis passed away on December 9, 2017.  The pic was taken on September 30, 2017, her father’s birthday.  Pray for Amanda’s family.  They were mourning Theodore’s death and now they have to deal with Amanda’s sudden death.

While Amanda was with Fox she launched Wednesday’s Child to help foster children in Atlanta find families.  The segment was introduced in 2000 and Davis was able to find 32 kids permanent families in the first year.

Every child deserves to know the love of a forever family.  Thanks to Amanda’s initiative, children around Atlanta grew up in loving households.  Davis helped create bonds that remain strong.  Children that thought they had no hope received the love they deserved.

Amanda Davis thought us that it doesn’t matter how deep we fall, what matters is how high we bounce back.  In 2012, Davis was arrested and charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane and reckless driving.

Davis was forced to retire but a few years later she joined CBS.  In 2015, she was arrested again and charged with DUI.  A year later, Amanda was arrested for driving on a suspended license.  Amanda Davis’ career was filled with ups and downs but she refused to stop fighting and never gave up.  Although she’s gone, her legacy remains and she’ll never be forgotten.

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