Zaire Wade Height, Age, Bronny James – The Future

Zaire Wade is 6’2″ and is currently 16-years-old.  He was born on February 4, 2002.  Bronny James is 6’0″ and is currently 13-years-old.  He was born on October 6, 2004.  Zaire and Bronny have been spotted at multiple Cleveland Cavaliers games and basketball fans think they could both be future NBA players.

The video below shows Zaire dunking with ease.  He has just as much bounce as his father.  I hope Dwyane Wade and LeBron James aren’t putting too much pressure on their sons regarding their futures in the NBA.  Superstars like Dwyane and LeBron usually don’t have kids that are half as talented as they are because there’s too much pressure.

Zaire Wade Height Age Bronny James
Zaire Wade Height Age Bronny James

The following tweet shows Zaire dunking.  He got up there and put it down with ease, just like his father.

Here’s another video that shows Zaire dunking:

Zaire and Bronny’s talents could be a negative thing for Cavaliers fans.  Professional athletes are constantly busy so Dwyane and LeBron have missed some of their son’s biggest games.

Dwyane and LeBron are both devoted fathers who love spending time with their kids.  Seeing them grow up fast will make them want to enjoy every moment.  LeBron and Dwyane will both retire within the next 5 years to spend more time with their sons.

The video above shows that LeBron and his teammates aren’t the only ones who have secret handshakes.  Bron and Bronny also have a secret handshake showing their bond.  LeBron has explained that his father wasn’t in his life so he takes being a good father very serious.

The next major step for Zaire and Bronny is choosing a college.  For some reason, I think Bronny will end up at Kentucky and Zaire will most likely attend Marquette.

What do you think about Zaire Wade and Bronny James? Will either one be as good as Dwyane or LeBron? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


By Jason John

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