Zahra Elise – Instagram Model Fights Guy Who Grabs Her Assets

The video below shows Instagram model, Zahra Elise fight a guy who grabbed her assets at the grocery store.  It’s great seeing people fight back against harassment and abuse.  Zahra’s #MeToo moment was caught on camera.  The man followed her around the grocery store, making her feel very uncomfortable.

The video shows Elise at the grocery store wearing a yellow hoodie.  A man in an orange and black jacket approaches her and they have a brief conversation.  They then hug and the man’s hand is seen on the model’s assets.  The incident reminds me of Taylor Swift’s groping case.  Show the model some support via social media.  Zahra’s Instagram name is @zahraelise_.

Zahra Elise Instagram Model Fights Back
Zahra Elise Instagram Model Fights Back

The video below shows Zahra fight a man who grabs her assets at the grocery store:

Elise was born on December 30, 1994 in Virginia Beach, VA.  She was a tomboy growing up, explaining how she was able to defend herself.  Zahra’s quick reaction scared the man away.  Women are harassed on a regular basis and videos like this must be shared to warn men that these actions need to stop.

Many victims of harassment don’t do anything because they’re scared about what may happen.  What if the man decided to fight Zahra back?

What do you think about Zahra Elise getting into a fight after a man touched her in an inappropriate manner?

By Jason John

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