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Worldnet Hoodie – Frank Ocean

Pre-order Frank Ocean’s Worldnet hoodie for $99.  It ships in 3-4 weeks.  The singer’s e-store will only offer the hoodies for 24 hours.  Worldnet posted a pic of Frank wearing the hoodie at ComplexCon.  Frank gave the company a shoutout on his Tumblr page.  The singer says that he found out the company made a hoodie and he wears it.

Worldnet International New York is a logistics company that specializes in luxury fashion.  The company is extremely reliable and serves the fashion, technology and media industries.  Worldnet moves each shipment as if it were their own and offers flexible shipping services.

Worldnet Hoodie Frank Ocean
Worldnet Hoodie Frank Ocean

On September 1, 2017, Worldnet celebrated their 20th Anniversary.  The company was founded by brother and sister, Richard and Mary Bhullar in 1997.  Two decades later, Worldnet has expanded to five global offices and nearly 200 employees.

Worldnet offers shirts and hoodies that have been seen on multiple celebrities.  The following pic shows Ysham wearing a Worldnet hoodie:

Worldnet Hoodie Ysham
Worldnet Hoodie Ysham

The Instagram post below shows the company’s recent Vogue article.  The article explains that Worldnet is the latest commercial business that has enjoyed unexpected success in the fashion industry.  The company’s branding manager, Gary Craughwell has a history in the fashion industry and wanted to try a different approach to Worldnet’s uniform.

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Some of the most popular brands on the planet, including Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein have made inquiries about the company’s clothing.  Grab the Worldnet hoodie from Frank Ocean’s website before it’s too late!

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