Who Sang On SNL With Eminem? – Twitter Reacts

Skylar Grey sang on SNL with Eminem.  Her performance was amazing, reminding us that she’s one of the most underrated singers on the planet.  Eminem and Skylar performed “Stan”, “Walk On Water” and “Love The Way You Lie.” Eminem was seen in all black, his new favorite color, while Grey sang at a piano wearing a white outfit.

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It’s great to see Eminem performing again.  We thought his new album, Revival would drop on November 17 but that didn’t happen.  Many of the rapper’s fans are upset but I’m still buying the project as soon as Eminem decides to release it.

Who Sang On SNL With Eminem?
Who Sang On SNL With Eminem?

Just when you thought Em had done it all, the rapper releases a track with Beyonce.  “Walk On Water” is more than a song.  Eminem made a smart move by teaming up with Beyonce.  The former member of Destiny’s Child is all about empowering women and Em has a horrible reputation when it comes to empowering women.

The entertainment industry is finally changing thanks to the Harvey Weinstein scandal and working with Beyonce is Em’s first step towards change.  He has a daughter and big plans for the future so he’s making strategic moves.

Beyonce is all about second chances.  She collaborated with Chris Brown shortly after he assaulted Rihanna.  Beyonce also released her historic Lemonade album after her husband, Jay Z cheated on her.  She gave Jay a second chance and the couple has been fine ever since.  Jay Z actually convinced Beyonce to collaborate with Eminem on “Walk On Water.”

I expect Dr. Dre to make similar moves in the near future.  Like Em, Dre has a horrible reputation regarding his treatment of women.  He’s been accused of assaulting women, including his ex-wife Michel’le.

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