Vincent Roper – Safaree Uncle Died

In episode 5 of Love and Hip Hop New York, season 8, “Streets Are Talking” we see Safaree Samuels discuss the death of his uncle, Vincent Roper aka “Vern.” There’s nothing worse than losing a loved one.  Vincent was Safaree’s mother brother and they had a very close relationship.  Safaree explains that they would ride motorcycles together and Vern would help him clean his cars.

Dreamdoll shows Safaree support while Samuels is mourning about his uncle’s death.  Safaree explains that he can’t remember the last time he cried and Dreamdoll tells him that it’s normal to show his emotions.  Dreamdoll feels closer to Safaree after consoling him and she’s catching serious feelings.

Vincent Roper Safaree Uncle Died
Vincent Roper Safaree Uncle Died

Vincent Roper was found murdered in his home on Friday, August 25, 2017.  Safaree says that the police haven’t identified a suspect, making the situation worse.  Safaree explains that Nicki Minaj knew Vern but she didn’t reach out to Safaree while he was mourning.

It can be difficult to take Safaree serious but I think Nicki should have reached out to him after his uncle died.  Nicki owes a substantial amount of her success to Safaree and they were together for 14 years.  Safaree was the best hype man Nicki could wish for.  He wrote some of her best lyrics and fully supported her career.

It looks like Safaree is shifting his attention to Dreamdoll and she’s definitely feeling him.  Safaree’s mother warned him about dating women that look like Dreamdoll but Safaree doesn’t listen.  Dreamdoll was there for Safaree when he needed her and he’ll never forget that.

Vincent Roper was 64 when someone took his life.  He’s gone but Safaree will make sure he’s not forgotten.  Safaree is working hard on his own career and he’s on his way to the top.

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