Tracee Ellis Ross Eye – Ptosis

Tracee Ellis Ross does not have a lazy eye she has ptosis.  The condition causes a person’s eyelid to droop because it is weak.  Ptosis can make a person appear to be squinting.  It can also cause one eye to look bigger than the other.  Ptosis or not, Tracee Ellis Ross continues to enjoy a successful career as an actress.

American Music Awards

The Blackish star hosted the 2017 American Music Awards and numerous members of her family were in attendance.  Tracee’s mother, Diana Ross accepted her Lifetime Achievement Award and delivered an amazing performance.  Barack and Michelle Obama were shown on video discussing Diana Ross’ greatness.  They were surprised that it took so long for her to receive the award.

Trace Ellis Ross Eye Ptosis
Trace Ellis Ross Eye Ptosis

The following tweet explains that Diana Ross should have received multiple awards during the show. She did a wonderful job cheering Tracee on.  Nothing matches support from your loved ones.

Diana passed the torch to Tracee earlier this year.  It’s now her time to shine! In January 2017, Tracee became the first black woman to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Comedy in 35 years.  It you’ve seen Blackish then you know she deserves the honor.  Tracee’s character, Rainbow Johnson gives me life, every episode.

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