Snapchat – Best Friends Coming Back?

Snapchat is not bringing back the best friends feature.  The feature causes too many problems now that businesses and celebrities love Snapchat.  Dishonest users aka cheaters also complained about the feature ruining their relationships.  Snapchat is no longer the private app it used to be and bringing back the best friends feature would make things worse.

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Snapchat is getting a facelift

Snapchat isn’t bringing back the best friends feature but the company is redesigning the app.  There are still tons of people that complain about Snapchat being too difficult to use.  That’s why it appeals to younger users.  The company is now public and trying to make investors happy so they’re redesigning it to attract more users.

Snapchat Best Friends Coming Back?
Snapchat Best Friends Coming Back?

The tweet above is from 2015.  As you know, the company broke that promise and we’ll most likely never see the best friend feature again.

Snapchat’s Chief Executive, Evan Spiegel recently made a new promise, explaining that the company would implement a redesign to make it easier for users to discover content.  He admits that the redesign will disrupt short-term business but the company is willing to take the risk for potential long-term benefits.

As Snapchat looks to increase earnings, the company is ignoring its core users and that will hurt them in the long run.  The users who fell in love with Snapchat are younger and are not complaining about the app being difficult to use.  Instead, younger users want the company to bring back features like best friends but Snapchat is ignoring their wishes.

Snapchat should look to acquire another company to expand its reach.  If too many changes are made, the company will lose its core group of loyal users.  Should Snapchat look to merge with LinkedIn?

Do you think Snapchat should bring back the best friends feature? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.