Ski Mask The Slump God XXXTentacion – Twitter Reacts

Ski Mask the Slump God has responded to XXXTentacion’s request to be friends with him again.  Ski Mask explained that he decided to distance himself from X because he doesn’t want to live in X’s shadow.  Ski Mask jokingly said X looks like an alien and he said he was crazy.  Scroll down to see Twitter’s reaction Ski Mask and X’s relationship.

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Rob Stone

XXXTentacion’s fans are bringing up the Rob Stone situation where X had Ski Mask’s back.  Earlier this year, Rob Stone’s friends had Ski Mask jumped at Desiigner’s Outlet Tour in Florida.  X had Ski Mask’s back, calling Rob out on social media.  A few months later, Rob and his crew beat up X.  Does Ski Mask have amnesia? How can he turn his back on X after X had his back throughout the Rob Stone beef?

Ski Mask The Slump God XXXTentacion
Ski Mask The Slump God XXXTentacion

The following tweet explains that we’ve been rooting for Ski Mask and XXXTentacion.

How will X react to Ski Mask rejecting his offer? Do you think they’ll start beefing over this?

Ski Mask is a talented rapper but he has a long way to go before he’s better than X.

Some believe that Ski Mask’s decision to distance himself from X is a smart business move because X is dealing with a domestic abuse case that could ruin his career.  X is scheduled to appear in court on December 11, 2017.

What do you think about Ski Mask The Slump God distancing himself from XXXTentacion? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.