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Safaree, Sophia Body, Erica Mena – How To Be A Player

Listen to Safaree’s new mixtape Fur Coat Volume 1:

Is Safaree Samuels finally over Nicki Minaj? He’s running through every female who has appeared on Love and Hip Hop! In episode 4 of season 8, “Oysters” we see Safaree’s current bae, Dreamdoll, fight one of his former baes, Sophia Body.  In the video at the end of this article, Sophia reveals that she told Safaree to stop writing for Nicki Minaj and focus on his own career.

Safaree listened to Sophia’s advice.  He recently released his new mixtape, Fur Coat Volume 1.  He has maintained his connections throughout the industry thanks to his previous relationship with Nicki Minaj.  People give Safaree credit for a substantial amount of Nicki’s success and Nicki has never denied the rumors about him writing for her.
Safaree Samuels Cyn Santana Joe Budden
Safaree Samuels Cyn Santana Joe Budden

In the following video, Sophia Body explains that Safaree brought drama to her life:

Erica Mena

Safaree is currently appearing on VH1’s new reality series, Scared Famous.  The video below shows that he has shifted his focus to Erica Mena, another former Love and Hip Hop star.  Erica is focused on winning the competition so she can donate the money to Together We Rise.  Plus, Safaree is currently in a relationship with Dreamdoll, or did they already breakup?

Fur Coat Volume 1 is out now!

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Check out the song “Talkin Bout” from Safaree’s new mixtape, Fur Coat Volume 1.  It’s my favorite track.  Listen to the entire mixtape and let us know what you think:

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