Raul Davalos, A.C.E. Death, Empire Writer 1954-2017

Raul Davalos was a film editor who worked on the Empire TV show and numerous films.  In December 2016, Davalos was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he sadly passed away in October.  At the end of Empire fifth episode of season 4, “The Fool” viewers saw “In Loving Memory of Raul Davalos, A.C.E, 1954-2017.”

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Raul was 62-years-old and passed away at Saint Joseph Medical Center in California.  Raul’s wife, Cindy Fret, also works on Empire.  They both played major roles in the shows record-breaking success in 2015.  Film editors work hard to remove unnecessary content to put together a finished product.

Raul Davalos ACE Empire Writer 1954-2017
Raul Davalos ACE Death Empire Writer 1954-2017

The following GoFundMe page was created to help Raul’s family with expenses:

Raul Davalos was born in Cuba and moved to America when he was young.  He grew up in Florida where he fell in love with film.

Raul graduated from Loyola University before he was accepted to London Film School.  After completing film school in the 1980s, Davalos moved to Los Angeles.  He began his film career at the bottom, working as an assistant editor for Carl Littleton who would eventually become his mentor.

Carl Littleton is best known for his work on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Rum Diary and The Other Boleyn Girl.  With a mentor as talented as Littleton, it was easy for Davalos to move up the ranks.  Raul has worked on some very popular television and movies over the past few decades.

Davalos is best known for his work on Gilmore Girls, Dreamcatcher and Cronos.  He also worked on Jane the Virgin, Reign and The Glades.

This isn’t the first Empire employee who has passed away.  Last year, we reported on the death of Robin Simms.  Life is short and we must appreciate each day because tomorrow is not promised.

Raul Davalos ACE Empire Writer 1954-2017
Raul Davalos ACE Death Empire Writer 1954-2017

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