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NBA Youngboy Chain Snatched In North Carolina

In the Instagram video below, NBA Youngboy makes it clear that no one snatched a chain off his neck.  NBA’s friend was wearing his chain while NBA was performing and someone snatched the chain off his friend’s neck.  Youngboy explains that he didn’t care about the chain because he’s too rich.

Chain snatchers want $50,000

A few months ago, NBA Youngboy revealed that he paid $200,000 for his “38” chain.  The thieves went on Instagram and demanded $50,000 for the chain.  NBA Youngboy needs to hire a security team now that he’s famous.  I don’t think he should pay the goons that snatched his chain.  Youngboy should file an insurance claim and stop wearing jewelry.
NBA Youngboy Chain Snatched In North Carolina
NBA Youngboy Chain Snatched In North Carolina

The “38” stands for Youngboy’s favorite gun, a .38 caliber revolver.  In the following video, NBA Youngboy explains that no one took a chain off his neck:

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NBA Youngboy bought his entire crew diamond chains.  He purchased 10 chains total.  All of them had a Jumpman logo and a “38.”

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Will rappers ever learn? Stop bragging about how expensive your jewelry is on social media.  There are people out here that will do anything for money.

NBA has some more serious problems to worry about.  A woman accused the rapper of beating her up because she let 21 Savage’s crew have relations with her.  In the video below, the woman explains that NBA beat her up and dragged about her hair.  NBA is on probation and if the woman files charges, he could end up back in jail.

Meek Mill wanted to sign Youngboy to his Dream Chasers label.  Meek could offer NBA some useful advice: Stay out of trouble.  Meek and NBA have kids that need their fathers.  They both need to make smarter decisions.

What do you think about NBA Youngboy’s chain getting snatched? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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