Migos XXXTentacion Beef – Jumped In LA – Stabbed?

X is playing with fire.  He posted the following picture of Offset’s bae, Cardi B.  In the caption he said that he loves her and he bumps “Bodak Orange” (Yellow?) in the shower.

XXXTentacion Cardi B Migos Beef
XXXTentacion Cardi B Migos Beef

XXXTentacion was jumped by the Migos.  They are officially beefing.  Migos isn’t the type of group that ignores confrontation.  The rumors about XXXTentacion being stabbed are real.  X called DJ Akademiks and told him about the incident.  In the video at the end of this article, X explains that he was jumped by multiple people.  X says the incident occurred in Los Angeles while he was by himself.

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Migos pulled up in 3 Suburbans 

DJ Akademiks discussed the incident with X.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear what the rapper told Akademiks.  X explains that he usually rolls with his crew but he just felt like being with his girlfriend and manager.  He was leaving his hotel when all of a sudden 3 Suburbans pull up.

Migos XXXTentacion Beef Jumped In LA Stabbed?
Migos XXXTentacion Beef Jumped In LA Stabbed?

BET Hip Hop Awards

X explains that he didn’t panic when he saw the 3 Suburbans because he saw Migos at the BET Awards while he was with his crew and he advised his crew not to mess with the group.  X considered the beef squashed after the event.  X if from Florida and has numerous connects in Miami and the BET Awards were in Miami so the rapper definitely had an opportunity to do some damage.

Migos is a group therefore there’s no such thing as a one on one.  X clearly learned that the hard way.

X and his friend are leaving their hotel when they see Migos’ goons start coming out of the 3 Suburbans.  X’s friend didn’t know about the beef between X and Migos and notices one of Migos’ goons sneakers.  He likes the sneakers and asks, “What kind of sneakers are those?”

Migos’ goon responds, “Ain’t you with X?” X’s friend responds “Yea.” X’s friend and Migos’ goon walk over to X and asks “What’s up?” X responds “What’s up?” and then Migos’ goon punches X’s friend in the jaw.

Migos’ goons then beat up X and stabbed him.  X explains that he grabbed one guy, punched him in his eye and bit him.  X feels satisfied that he got jumped, but he was able to beat up one of them.

What is Takeoff doing in the video?

Takeoff left something in the hotel and had to pass X and his people.  In the video, Takeoff is seen jogging up away from the incident.  X claims that him and his crew chased Takeoff.  XXXTentacion explains that Quavo and Offset were in one of the Suburbans but they weren’t involved in the actual fight.  
X says one of Migos’ goons was 6’10”.  It may have been the same person that Quavo and Offset tried to fight in the following video:

XXXTentacion Offset Beef

This beef started because X is the best marketer on the planet.  A few months back, X called out Drake and even insulted his mother.  Offset jumped in and called out X regarding his upside down cross chain.  X explains the meaning of the chain in the following video.

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