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Mase Sister – Stason Betha

Mase’s twin sister, Stason Betha was mentioned in one of Cam’ron’s recent Instagram posts.  Stason played a major role in Mase’s rise to fame.  She introduced Mase to Biggie Smalls’ road manager, Cudda Love.  Mase impressed Cudda with his rapping skills so Cudda took him to Atlanta where he met Diddy and signed to Bad Boy.

In the Instagram post below, Cam’ron claims that he doesn’t have a sister and he had relations with Mase’s sister.  When Cudda Love took Mase to Atlanta, the Harlem rapper was hoping to meet Jermaine Dupri but he ended up meeting Diddy and was signed to Bad Boy.  In 1998, Mase, his sister and four others signed to Dupri’s So So Def Recordings as the group, Harlem World.

Mase Sister Stason Betha
Mase Sister Stason Betha

Stason went by “Baby Stase” when she was with Harlem World.  The group only released on album, The Movement in 1999.  The album went gold but shortly after it was released, Mase decided to retire from the music business.  Mase and Stason were very close so she also retired from the music business.

A few hours after Mase released “The Oracle” Cam responded with the following Instagram post.  Cam’s response to Mase is playing in the video.  Towards the end, Cam claims that he had relations with Mase’s sister.  Mase and Stason have four older siblings so Cam could be referring to one of Mase’s other sisters.

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By Jason John

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