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Lil Pump’s single “Gucci Gang” earned him a spot on the Billboard list.  He replaced A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie for the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart.  Lil Pump released his self-titled debut album a month ago and he’s already preparing to drop a new mixtape.  On Friday, November 3, the Miami rapper tweet about the upcoming project.

This time last year, Lil Pump was trying to maintain his Twitter account.  The social media network banned him after he posted several offensive tweets.  Now, Pump is using social media to promote his new music and communicate with the fans that love him.  He’s slowly but surely figuring things out but every once in a while he reminds us that he’s still young.

Lil Pump’s Snapchat name is LilPumpJetSki:

Lil Pump Snapchat Name
Lil Pump Snapchat Name
The following tweet proves that Lil Pump is lit.  You can’t be more honest than that.  While some people hate seeing the Miami rapper stunt on social media, others love it and wish they could be him.

SoundCloud Is Here To Stay

In July 2017, Chance the Rapper announced that he was working with SoundCloud.  In 2016, the company found itself in serious financial trouble.  At a time when SoundCloud was declining, Pump managed to put up undeniable numbers on the music app.  Listeners who would normally stream their music through Apple Music or Spotify were forced to use SoundCloud because it was the only place Pump’s music could be found.

Chance the Rapper helped save SoundCloud but Lil Pump no longer needs the company.  Pump released his official video for “Gucci Gang” a week ago and he has already earned more than 55 million views.  A few months before dropping “Gucci Gang” Pump released his video for “Boss” and it already has more than 31 million views.  Pump is here to stay!

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