Lil Peep Snapchat Name

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Lil Peep’s friend, Bexey Swan posted a Snapchat video showing Peep hours before he died.  When someone you love passes away, you look for someone to blame and what could have been done to prevent the tragedy.  Peep’s fans love him so many of them are blaming Swan for failing to help his friend.

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Fans claim that Swan watched Lil Peep overdose and commit suicide.  Bexey clapped back on Twitter, explaining that Peep was snoring in the video he posted.

Lil Peep’s Snapchat name is LilPeep300:

Lil Peep Snapchat Name
Lil Peep Snapchat Name

Lil B is a professional when it comes to perfect reactions.  He found a way to promote positivity after being jumped by A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s crew.  The following tweet shows Lil B explaining that he plans to carry on Peep’s vision to stop sexual abuse in the music industry.

It’s all about leaving the world a better place and Lil B’s tweet proves that Peep’s life should be celebrated.  Many of Peep’s fans overcame mental struggles thanks to his music.

Peep’s death reminds us that life is short.  Tomorrow is not promised so we must live everyday like it’s our last.

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