LiAngelo Ball – Louis Vuitton, Arrested In China, Mugshot

LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were arrested in China for stealing from a Louis Vuitton store.  LiAngelo is LaVar Ball’s middle son.  Yahoo Sports explains that the three UCLA freshman basketball players could face between 3 and 10 years in prison if convicted.  LaVar has been making headlines regarding Lonzo’s NBA career but now he’ll have to focus on LiAngelo.

LiAngelo Ball made his college basketball debut on November 1, 2017 in an exhibition game against Cal State Los Angeles.  It will be very interesting to see LaVar’s response to this situation.  He never hesitates to speak his mind, no matter how ridiculous he sounds.  LaVar’s other sons, Lonzo and LaMelo are more talented than LiAngelo and this incident will ruin LiAngelo’s confidence.

LiAngelo Ball Louis Vuitton Arrested In China Mugshot
LiAngelo Ball Louis Vuitton Arrested In China Mugshot

The tweet below explains that the incident is a publicity stunt for season 2 of the Ball family’s reality series, Ball In The Family.  While that may seem far-fetched, LaVar Ball loves attention and he’ll most likely find a way to capitalize from this incident.

LaVar’s parenting style has been heavily criticized and this is where it becomes a burden.  The Ball brothers wouldn’t be getting so much attention if it wasn’t for LaVar’s personality.  Every time Lonzo has a bad game, media outlets are hard on him because his father brags about him so much.

LiAngelo Ball owns a Ferrari

Earlier this year, LaVar bought LiAngelo a Ferrari.  Why would you steal from a Louis Vuitton store when you own a Ferrari and your older brother makes millions as a NBA player? Lonzo is in the NBA and the family launched Big Baller Brand but it’s too early to be buying Ferraris.  What is Lonzo gets injured and LaVar’s other sons don’t make it to the NBA?

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