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LeBron Yoga Bubbles – Waff Mini Elites

LeBron James dropped 57 points in Friday nights game against the Washington Wizards.  How does the NBA veteran continue to dominate the game after suffering an ankle injury in a preseason game against the Chicago Bulls?  Bleacher Report explains that it’s LeBron’s new pregame ritual: Waff Mini Elites.

A Waff Mini Elite is used to strengthen and stretch muscles.  The video below shows James training on a pair of the devices to improve his balance and coordination.  They are obviously working.  LeBron’s 11th career 50-point game tied Allen Iverson who also had 11 50-point games in his legendary career.

LeBron Yoga Bubbles Waff Mini Elites
LeBron Yoga Bubbles Waff Mini Elites

James has a long way to go before catching up to Michael Jordan’s 31 50-point games or Kobe Bryant’s 25 50-point games.  If King James plans to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to another NBA Championship he will definitely need to add some more 50-point games to his resume.

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Is LeBron James Leaving Cleveland?

LeBron’s business partner, Maverick Carter, made headlines this week after revealing that winning matters most in LeBron’s free agency decision.  I didn’t think James would break Cleveland’s heart again but I was wrong.  The NBA superstar hates the Cavalier’s management enough to leave if they don’t help him win a championship.  
Here’s the problem: On paper, the Cavaliers are good enough to win the NBA Championship but all their stars have been spoiled by LeBron’s dominate play.  We’ll never know if Dwyane Wade has actually lost a step because he’s no longer trying as hard.  Wade knows that King James can lead the Cavs to the NBA Finals by himself and doesn’t want to get in his way.

Derrick Rose is starting to play with more aggression but he’s not what he used to be.  Like Wade, Rose doesn’t need to be the player he used to be now that he’s on the Cavaliers alongside LeBron James.

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