La La Anthony Mase – Suga J, Cam’ron Dinner Time Lyrics Explained

In “Dinner Time” Cam’ron’s response to Mase, Cam says, “Listening to Suga J, look, he gonna play you wrong, Carmelo took La La, Meek Mill took his baby mom.” People jumped to the conclusion that Mase and La La were in a relationship but it was Mase’s associate, Suga J aka Sugar J who was in a relationship with La La.

Suga J spit in La La’s face

La La allegedly cheated on Suga J with Carmelo Anthony.  In 2004, before Suga J knew that La La was in a relationship with Carmelo, he saw her at Babalu Night Club in New York City.  Suga J approached her and tried to give her a hug but La La pulled away and warned Suga J that her man, Carmelo was there.

La La Anthony With Mase Associate Suga J
La La Anthony With Mase Associate Suga J

Suga J asked La La, “Your man?” and told her that he was her man.  La La headed to her VIP section with Melo and Suga J was very upset.  Later that night, Suga J walked by La La and Melo’s VIP section and La La grabbed Suga J’s shirt.  Suga J told La La not to touch him and he spit on her.

Carmelo ran over and punched Suga J.  Melo whooped Suga J’s tail! Suga J sued Melo.  Maybe Melo cheating on La La and having a baby with another woman was karma.

Here’s a pic of Mase and Suga J:

Mase Suga J
Mase Suga J

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By Jason John

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