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James R. – MariahLynn New Boyfriend, Love And Hip Hop

MariahLynn’s new boyfriend, James R. is a talented singer and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York.  In episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop New York season 8, “Rubbed The Wrong Way” we’ll see James start some drama with DJ Self.  MariahLynn is signed to Self’s record label, Gwinin Entertainment and James isn’t feeling that.

In Love and Hip Hop New York‘s season 8 super trailer, at the end of this article, we see James give MariahLynn a diamond necklace and tell her, “It’s forever.” We then see James ask DJ Self if he’s smashing Mariah and Mariah isn’t feeling that.  MariahLynn tells James that he has to respect DJ Self.

James R. MariahLynn New Boyfriend Love And Hip Hop
James R. MariahLynn New Boyfriend Love And Hip Hop

James isn’t a rookie when it comes to the entertainment industry.  In 2007, he was selected as one of Sean John’s “Faces of the Future” models.  A few years later, James dropped his debut album, Revelation.

Last year, James R. teamed up with fellow New York artist, Dave East for “Gotta Go Get It”:

In the super trailer we also see James proclaim that he’s not with the Gwinin.  Mariah will learn that business and pleasure don’t mix.  She just started dating James so she didn’t need to introduce him to DJ Self.  Last year, we saw Mariah beefing with Major Galore, complicating her relationship with Self since they’re both signed to Gwinin.

James R. is a businessman.  He’s not only a model and singer, he also has his own clothing line, King of Hearts.  Him and DJ Self are both ultimate hustlers, making it difficult for them to co-exists.  Mariah has a difficult decision to make.  Self has been around for a while but she can’t just get rid of her new bae.

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