Is Snapchat Being Deleted? 2017 App Down – Discontinued?

The rumor that Snapchat is being deleted is false.  The company is working hard to fix the app.  Throughout 2017, Snapchat has been one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store so you don’t have to worry about it being discontinued anytime soon.  Apps like Vine, declined in popularity and then it still took years before it was discontinued.

Blame it on Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Instagram and WhatsApp both have 300 million daily active users.  Snapchat has 173 million daily active users.  While Snapchat’s technical difficulties may not seem serious, Facebook’s catalog of apps will leverage Snapchat’s issues.
Is Snapchat Being Deleted? 2017 App Down Discontinued?
Is Snapchat Being Deleted? 2017 App Down Discontinued?
When Snapchat is down and you need your social media fix, you’re most likely turning to a social media app owned by Facebook.  The company recently acquired TBH and they continue to make improvements to Instagram and Messenger.
When one of Facebook’s apps is down, you may turn to Snapchat but there’s also a chance you’ll use a different app owned by Facebook.  Snapchat is too you to be experiencing serious technical issues and Facebook is too powerful.  Snapchat should reconsider selling to Facebook although the FTC could block the transaction.  Facebook is a social media monopoly that doesn’t need anymore money.

Snapchat is winning the AR race

Snapchat is doing one thing better than Facebook: Augmented reality.  The company is much better than its competitors when it comes to bringing visuals to life, like its dancing hotdog and Actionmojis.  If Snapchat continues to develop and improve its augmented reality experience, the company will remain relevant in a social media world ruled by Facebook.

Snapchat must continue to play its strengths.  Google gave up on social media but the company’s search engine gets better and better everyday.

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By Jason John

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