Is Ninja Man Dead?

The rumor that Ninja Man (Desmond Ballentine) is dead is false.  Jamaica Observer reports that the dancehall artist will know his fate later this week.  Earlier this year, the case was stalled because there was no judge or courtroom available at the courthouse in Kingston.  Ninja Man and his son, Jahneil, were charged with the 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson.

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Ninja Man rushed to the hospital with chest pains

Earlier this month, Ninja Man’s murder trial was postponed after he was rushed to the hospital.  The Jamaican DJ complained about chest pains and was having difficulties breathing.  This is how the rumors about Ninja Man being dead arose.

Is Ninja Man Dead?
Is Ninja Man Dead?

Delay after delay

Is there a time limit on justice?  The murder took place in 2009.  Ninja Man and his son was arrested in 2009 and charged for the murder.  In 2012, he was granted bail.  He appeared in court but there weren’t enough jurors.  

On March 16, 2009, Ricardo Johnson was sweeping his yard with his friend.  A car pulled up with three men inside and they got out and started arguing with Johnson.  The 3 men then left but then they allegedly returned, shot and killed Johnson.

Ninja Man was listed as a person of interest and turned himself in.

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