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Is Lil Pump Dead?

The rumor that Lil Pump is dead is false.  The rapper recently posted a new Instagram Story.  This isn’t the first time Pump has been the subject of fake news.  In August of 2017, a rumor that the rapper died arose and a fake news story went viral on social media.  Lil Pump’s fans panic when they hear about him dying because they know how crazy he is.

Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” is making history.  The track recently became the shortest song to make the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 in the last 42 years.  “Gucci Gang” is short and sweet at on 2 minutes and 4 seconds.  Listeners usually want more but Pump’s fans love anything he drops.  Him and Smokepurpp recently announced their plans to release a joint project.

Lil Pump Dead?
Lil Pump Dead?

Pump is breaking barriers.  The same legends that have rejected young artists in the past, love Lil Pump.  In the video below, producer, Timbaland gives Pump and Smokepurpp a shout out.

I would love to hear Pump and Timbaland collaborate.  The following pic shows exactly why people believe rumors about Lil Pump dying.

A post shared by smokepurpp (@smokepurpp) on Jun 16, 2016 at 8:16pm PDT

The pic above shows Pump with a huge gun in his mouth.  There’s no way I would ever do that, even if I knew that there were no bullets in the weapon.

Did you panic when you heard that Lil Pump was dead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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