Is Joyner Lucas Black? – Race (Video)

Joyner Lucas is half black.  His father is black and his mother is white.  In the track below, the rapper explains how difficult his youth was because of his ethnicity.  Joyner broke the Internet with the video for his new song “I’m Not Racist.”  The video features a white man with a “Make America Great Again” hat on dropping N bombs left and right.
The video is alarming at first.  Joyner sounds like Eminem and the white person wearing the Donald Trump hat appears to be delivering the offensive lyrics.  The song is about not feeling sorry for black people who complain about slavery.  He pretends to be a racist and uses powerful lyrics to get his point across.

Lucas pokes fun at the “I’m not racist” phrase that racist people love using.  Anytime you feel the urge to use that phrase please think again.  The person you’re speaking to has most likely heard the phrase a countless number of times so it’s pointless.
Who Is Joyner Lucas? I'm Not Racist
Who Is Joyner Lucas? I’m Not Racist
Joyner Lucas uses his lyrics to tell stories.  While many rappers avoid the current racial divide, Joyner doesn’t hesitate to discuss it through his controversial songs.  The easiest way to make a problem worse is to ignore it so we can all learn a valuable lesson from Joyner Lucas: Never hush your voice for someone’s comfort.  Speak your mind and make people uncomfortable.

What do you think about Joyner Lucas’ new song, “I’m Not Racist”? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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