Hunter Day Instagram Pics – Husband, Tyler Yukon Football Coach

A new pic of Hunter Day was shared on Instagram.  Day is the 22-year-old teacher who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with her 16-year-old student.  Hunter was a chemistry teacher at Yukon High School in Oklahoma.  She was married to Tyler Day, a football coach at the high school. She is facing some serious charges including second-degree rape.

Authorities Found Hunter Waiting For Student In Candlelit Room

The Sheriff’s Office began investigating Hunter after the 16-year-old student’s parents contacted them.  The student’s parents found inappropriate pictures and messages on their son’s phone.  The police used the student’s phone to set up a sting.  Hunter and the student planned to meet at her house.  The police used the student’s phone to text Hunter when they arrived.


Hunter Day Instagram
Hunter Day Instagram

Hunter responded, “The doors unlocked as usual.” The police report revealed that Hunter prepared a candlelit dinner for her and the student.

Tyler And Hunter Day
Tyler And Hunter Day

Hunter Day is married to Tyler Day, a football coach at Yukon High School.

Hunter Day Husband Tyler

Hunter and Tyler dated for years before getting married.  They both attended Oklahoma Baptist University.  Tyler eventually transferred to Central Oklahoma where he played football.  He’ll most likely be filing for divorce soon.

Earlier this month, Hunter Day was accused of raping a student and now she has been charged with the crime.  The student posted the following pic on Snapchat.  In the caption the student explains, “The face you make when you ruin a b**** life and send her to prison for 10 years for rape.”


Hunter Day Victim
Hunter Day Victim

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