Did Mariah Bons Kill Lil Peep? Nicky Bons Sister – Arrested

A Change.org petition was created to have Mariah Bons arrested for her involvement in Lil Peep’s death.  The petition was updated explaining that Bons was supposedly arrested.

Mariah Nicole Bons is Nicky Bons’ sister.  Lil Peep tweeted the following message before he died: “Free my biggest fan Nick Bons I love u.” On November 15, 2017, Mariah and some friends met with Peep and his crew in Tucson, Arizona.  A text message was sent to Mackned, a member of GothBoiClique (GBC), a Los Angeles collective that featured Peep, Lil Tracy and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal.

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The text message Mariah allegedly sent to Mackned explained that she had joints, wax, pods and Xanax.  A few hours later, Lil Peep was seen taking Xanax on social media.  At 7:20 PM, Mariah tweeted that Peep had passed out and wasn’t waking up.  A few hours later she shared another tweet explaining that GBC was high because of her and her friends.

Did Mariah Bons Kill Lil Peep? Arrested
Did Mariah Bons Kill Lil Peep? Arrested

The following screenshots show Mariah’s messages:

A post shared by Not Recovered™ (@dashtraddy) on Nov 16, 2017 at 10:49pm PST

Here’s a pic of Mariah’s brother, Nick:

Nicky Bons
Nicky Bons

Many of Peep’s fans think Mariah killed him on purpose.  She allegedly gave him Xanax pills that she knew were fake.

After Peep died, Mariah tried to explain what happened on Snapchat.  She claims that Mackned asked for the Xanax and one of her friends picked them up and brought them to Peep and his crew.

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