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Did Lil Pump Go To Harvard?

Lil Pump did not go to Harvard and never applied therefore he was never accepted.  The rapper was kicked out of multiple schools.  He attended Charles W. Flanagan High School but was kicked out during his first year.  Lil Pump was kicked out of one of his former schools for starting a riot.  The rapper was a trouble maker and never applied himself at school.

What you need to get into Harvard

Last year, Harvard accepted 5.2 percent of applicants.  That’s the lowest percentage of applicants ever offered admission.  Nearly 40,000 students applied and only 2,037 students were admitted.  The following pic shows Pump wearing a Harvard Medical School lab coat.  He has never attended college so he definitely didn’t attend Harvard Medical School.

Did Lil Pump Go To Harvard?
Did Lil Pump Go To Harvard?

Lil Pump 70 miles per hour

Lil Pump is a talented rapper and a marketing genius.  He could probably give an insightful speech about social media marketing at Harvard’s Business School.  The video below shows the rapper try to solve a simple math problem.


The video above shows someone tell Pump that he’s traveling 70 miles per hour and asks him how long it would take to drive 70 miles.  Lil Pump’s answer: “70 n****!” The obvious answer is one hour.No…Lil Pump was never accepted into Harvard University and never attend Harvard’s Medical School.


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