Derrick Rose Net Worth 2018

Derrick Rose is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and considering retiring from the NBA.  In 2008, Rose was drafted number 1 by the Chicago Bulls.  His first few years in the league were great but that all changed in 2012 after he tore his ACL.  Since then, Derrick Rose’s career has been plagued by injuries and he’s finally had enough.

Derrick Rose Net Worth As Of 2017: $115 Million

Derrick Rose’s $115 million net worth was earned through his NBA contracts and endorsement deals. In 2011 he signed a five-year extension with the Bulls worth $94.8 million.  Derrick’s injuries ruined his time in Chicago and in 2016 he was traded to the New York Knicks.  Last year, Derrick became a free-agent and signed a one-year deal with the Cavaliers worth $2.1 million.
Derrick Rose Net Worth 2017
Derrick Rose Net Worth 2017

Derrick Rose Adidas Contract 2017

In 2012, Rose signed a 13-year contract with Adidas worth $185 million.  Adidas saw Derrick’s potential and didn’t want to lose him to Nike.  If Rose retires, Adidas won’t have to pay him for the remaining years of the contract.  That’s one reason for Rose to stay in the NBA.  If he stops driving the ball to the basket so much he might be able to avoid another injury.
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