Darbrett Black – Killed Texas State Trooper

Darbrett Black, not “Dabrett” Black, is the man who shot and killed a Texas State Trooper on Thanksgiving.  He was captured after a manhunt that lasted for about 3 hours.  Darbrett shot the trooper with a rifle during a traffic stop.  This incident will reintroduce the debate about police brutality against black men.

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This incident occurred around 4 PM in Freestone County.  The trooper pulled Darbrett’s 2012 Chevrolet Malibu over to give him a ticket.  The trooper never made contact with the suspect.  Darbrett shot at the trooper with his rifle and the trooper ran back into his vehicle.  Sadly, the trooper died at the scene.

Darbrett Black Killed Texas State Trooper
Darbrett Black Killed Texas State Trooper

This isn’t the first time Darbrett has been arrested.  In September of 2017, he was arrested for aggravated assault and reckless driving.

There’s nothing worse than losing a loved one.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that we’re supposed to spend with our families, instead the trooper’s family will be grieving.  The following tweet explains that the trooper was married with 3 kids.  He worked for the state for 16 years.

Think twice before you act and be more careful.  Darbrett will most likely spend the rest of his life in jail.  President Trump should do something about the nation’s gun violence problem as soon as possible.

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