Cyntoia Brown Victim – Johnny Mitchell Allen (Picture)

Cyntoia Brown’s victim, Johnny Mitchell Allen is show in the picture below.  His name is actually Johnny Michael Allen.  On August 6, 2004, Cyntoia made a decision that would change her life forever.  Allen was a 43-year-old real estate agent who solicited Cyntoia, who was 16 at the time, for sex.  She got into his truck and he drove to his house.

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Cyntoia shot Johnny in the head

Cyntoia and Brown agreed that he would pay $150 for sex.  Cyntoia wanted to go to a hotel but Johnny insisted on taking her to his house.  Once they got to Allen’s house, Cyntoia explains that they ate and had a long conversation.  Johnny told Cyntoia that he spent some time in the Army and he was an expert marksman.

Cyntoia Brown Victim Johnny Mitchell Allen
Cyntoia Brown Victim Johnny Mitchell Allen

Johnny showed Brown some of his guns.  Brown testified that the more he spoke, the more she feared for her life.  She agreed to sex and Johnny was showing her his guns.  They eventually went to his bedroom.

Brown and Allen were laying in bed and Cyntoia was rejecting his advances.  He then reached over and Brown thought he was reaching for one of his guns so she pulled a gun from her purse and shot him in the back of his head.

Cyntoia Brown Victim
Cyntoia Brown Victim

Kim Kardashian and Rihanna want justice #FreeCyntoiaBrown

Kim Kardashian and Rihanna are fighting for Cyntoia Brown.  Kardashian posted the following message on Twitter explaining that the system has failed.  When celebrities speak out, people listen, as proven by Meek Mill’s situation.  Once Jay-Z and other entertainers began speaking out against Meek’s sentence, an appeal was filed and a rally took place.

In the Instagram post below, Rihanna explains that we must have changed the definition of justice:

The post below shows Cyntoia at her graduation.  She earned her associates degree from Lipscomb University while behind bars and she’s currently working on her bachelors.

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