Cop Punches Woman In Face – Miami Football Game

The video above shows a woman at a Miami Hurricanes football game get punched in the face by a Miami-Dade police officer.  The woman is being escorted out of the stadium by several officers when she slightly slaps one of them.  The officer punches the woman as soon as he realizes that she slapped him.

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The video is currently breaking Twitter, with more than 6,000 retweets and 8,000 likes.  The video proves that police brutality is not color blind.  The incident occurred on Saturday night during the Miami Hurricane’s game against the Virginia Tech Hokies.  She was most likely removed because she was drunk but that doesn’t excuse the officer’s actions.

Cop Punches Woman In Face Miami Football Game
Cop Punches Woman In Face Miami Football Game

Twitter’s reaction to incidents like this is always mind blowing.  The video makes it clear that the officer was wrong but there are still people that have complicated the incident.  The following tweet explains that the police officer will be looking for a new job soon.

The following tweet claims that it’s different when the skin color is changed.  I do not agree.  Wrong is wrong and anyone who is trying to justify the officer’s actions is wrong.  Reasonable force is what must be used in situations like this and the officer was not harmed by the woman’s slight slap therefore no force would have been reasonable.

The tweet below explains that the cop is a trained professional so he must be held to a higher standard.  That’s exactly correct.  Police officers are trusted by the communities they serve to help maintain peace and order.

The following tweet explains the importance of unity in situations like these.  As a united front, we should ignore color and only consider who was right and who was wrong.

Do you think the police officer should lose his job? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.