Carmon Cambrice – Face Scar

Kandi Burruss’ best friend, Carmon Cambrice made an appearance on episode 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 10, “Chateau Get Down.” You may have noticed the scar on Carmon’s cheek.  The reality star  has never revealed how she got it but in the Instagram post below she proclaims that she never let it break her.

Carmon’s scar reminds us to embrace our imperfections as marks of authenticity.  Shine bright like a diamond, but remember: A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections.  We recently shared a story about Tracee Ellis Ross’ eye condition.  Carmon and Tracee highlight the importance of celebrating our imperfections.

Carmon is making money moves.  Kandi reveals that she’ll no longer be her personal assistant because she’s starting her own insurance company and Kandi is investing in it.  Cambrice is a hustler who knows how to use her connections.

In the following Instagram caption, Carmon explains that she’s not ashamed of her scar because it reminds her of everything she’s been through:

Carmon Cambrice Scar
Carmon Cambrice Scar

A few seasons ago, Carmon and Mama Joyce weren’t getting along. Mama Joyce accused Carmon of sleeping with Todd Tucker. People say Mama Joyce put the scar on Carmon’s face but that’s not true. The following Instagram post shows Mama Joyce with a knife to Cambrice’s neck:

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By Jason John

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