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Cam’ron Mase Tattoo, Sister

In Mase’s Cam’ron diss, “The Oracle” he says that Cam has his name tatted on him.  That’s not exactly true.  Mase’s 1997 debut album was titled “Harlem World” and Cam’ron has “Harlem World” tattooed on his left shoulder.  Cam’s “Harlem World” tattoo is identical to the tattoo Mase has on his right shoulder.

Cam’ron Sister

Mase also claimed that Cam had relations with his own sister.  Mase explains that everyone in Harlem already knew this information so he thought it was time to tell the world.  In the Instagram post below, Cam shares a snippet of his response to Mase.

Cam’ron claims he doesn’t have a sister and says that he had relations with Mase’s sister.  In Cam’ron’s debut album, Confessions of Fire he admits to having relations with his aunt.

Cam'ron Mase Tattoo
Cam’ron Mase Tattoo

The following pic shows Cam with Mase.  Cam’s “Harlem World” tattoo is seen on his left shoulder:

Cam'ron Mase Harlem World Tattoo
Cam’ron Mase Harlem World Tattoo

Here’s a pic of Mase’s “Harlem World” tattoo:

Mase Harlem World Tattoo
Mase Harlem World Tattoo
This beef started because Cam’ron claims that Mase became a pastor to get away from violence.  Murda Mase is back.  In the snippet of Cam’s response to Mase, the rapper claims that he actually had relations with Mase’s sister:
Mase and Cam know too much information about each other to be beefing.  They both attended Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, a high school in New York City.  The following video shows them playing basketball together.  Mase gets upset after Cam misses the last shot of the game:
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