Brandy Norwood Pregnant?

Is Brandy pregnant? Princess Love finally revealed that her and Ray J are expecting and now we’re waiting on Brandy.  There were rumors that Brandy was carrying for Princess and Ray but the following Instagram post proves that those rumors are false.  Ray finally got his little soldiers to march!

It’s such a blessing from God to be able to carry our child. We kept this to ourselves until after the first trimester because it’s bad luck to announce too early. But we’re so proud to share this journey with you guys. Thank you for all of the love and prayers ❤️
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We would leave Brandy and the Norwoods alone if they agreed to stop trolling us.  The following post shows Instagram comments that Princess Love liked.  The first comment is about Brandy being pregnant for 10 years:

Likes by @princesslove regarding @moniece_slaughter . Princess wasn’t pregnant in August btw🤦🏾‍♀️
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We already gave you the rundown on Brandy Norwood’s new beau, Sir the Baptist. The two have been dating for a few months now but rumors are flying that the 38-year-old singer/songwriter is expecting a child with Sir, well, is she? According to sources who know firsthand, no she is not expecting a new addition anytime soon.

Brandy Norwood Pregnant?
Brandy Norwood Pregnant?

How did these rumors even start? Brandy posted a photo of her and Baptist with a loving caption where it appeared that she could be talking about the arrival of a new baby but she didn’t say it straight out. Then, messyboots “Hollywood Divas” star Countess Vaughn’s single comment on a photo of Brandy performing is the cause for a lot of this speculation.

A photo where the singer appeared to have just the slightest bit of tummy sparked Countess to give her congratulations to Norwood which then caused a chain of others to follow. The news spread like wildfire prompting Brandy to give the most high key response ever by posting in her bio that she isn’t pregnant, she just likes to eat!

Confirmation came straight from the mouth of Brandy’s first child, Sy’rai where she addresses these rumors in a video stating that her mom isn’t pregnant but has, in fact, been eating too many pancakes and that she likes being an only child. So adorable.

The denial from Brandy and Sy’rai apparently wasn’t enough because Countess posted and deleted a photo of Brandy and Sir the Baptist with the caption continuing to congratulate the two on the alleged pregnancy. Just when we thought the only Brandy beef has been laid to rest Countess shows up to reignite the flame.

Do you think Countess was being shady or did she genuinely think her old co-star was pregnant?