Anais, Transgender? – Love And Hip Hop New York Season 8

Anais is not transgender.  In episode 4 of Love and Hip Hop New York season 4, “Oysters” we find out that Jonathan Hernandez used to be Anais’ makeup artist.  the entertainment industry is small and everyone seems to know each other.  Anais claims that Jonathan started acting fake when he started working for K. Michelle.

Anais and Jonathan’s mutual friend, Bella, tries to play peacemaker but it doesn’t work.  Jonathan gets upset at Anais for revealing his past secrets.  Anais tells Jonathan that they are no longer friends.

Check out some throwback pics of Anais Martinez:

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Anais Martinez is a talented Dominican singer who works with Rich Dollaz in season 8 of Love and Hip Hop New York.  Anais is 33-years-old.  Scroll down to see the super trailer.  Anais and Rich’s relationship reminds me of Stevie J’s relationship with Joseline Hernandez.  Rich is a proud member of the Creep Squad and Anais will do anything for fame.

Anais is married and has 2 children

Love and Hip Hop New York is known for its cheating scandals.  Last season we saw Cardi B, DJ Drewski and of course Peter Gunz in cheating scandals.  This season we’ll see Anais cheat on her husband with Rich.  She has two kids that will see her cheating on reality TV but she doesn’t care.  Anais wants a divorce and she will do anything to take her career to the next level.

Anais Transgender? Love And Hip Hop New York Season 8
Anais Transgender? Love And Hip Hop New York Season 8


Is Anais transgender?

Anais is not transgender.  She provides proof in the following Instagram post which shows her holding her baby after giving birth.  VH1 and Mona Scott-Young are smart.  They saw how much people loved Joseline Hernandez and now they’re trying to duplicate her.  Some people still think Joseline is a man.




Anais was born on June 22, 1984 in the Dominican Republic.  The video below shows her competing in Objetivo Fama, a Puerto Rican reality contest series similar to American Idol.  In 2005, Martinez won the competition and one year later she released her debut album, Asi Soy Yo.
In 2007, Anais released her second album, Con Todo Mi Corazon.  She has a strong Latin fan-base and now she’s looking for success in the US.

Check out Love and Hip Hop New York‘s season 8 super trailer:

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