50 Cent, Tyrese – Taraji P. Henson Dragged Into Their Beef

50 Cent posted a video of Tyrese crying about his daughter on his Instagram account.  In the comment section of the post, 50 explained that Tyrese intervened back when he was talking to Taraji P. Henson.  50 and Taraji were beefing because 50 thought that Empire copied Power.  50 Cent doesn’t forget about anything.

Tyrese isn’t the only person 50 has been making fun of.  The rapper made fun of Wendy Williams after she fainted on live TV.  In an Instagram post promoting 50 Central, 50 revealed his plans to overheat in his costume.  50 should be worried about 50 Central instead of Tyrese.  Irv Gotti called 50 out after the first episode’s horrific ratings.

50 Cent Tyrese Taraji P. Henson
50 Cent Tyrese Taraji P. Henson

Tyrese and Taraji have a very close relationship so it’s only a matter of time before Henson speaks on the situation.  Gibson threatened to quit Fast and Furious because he’s beefing with The Rock.  This public meltdown could ruin Tyrese’s career.  Directors don’t want to deal with actors who are constantly causing drama.

50 Cent Tyrese Taraji P. Henson
50 Cent Tyrese Taraji P. Henson

50 and Tyrese have to stop worrying about each other and focus on their careers.  50 is making fun of Tyrese about being broke but 50 is no longer as rich as he once was.

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By Jason John

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