Who Is Prince’s Next Of Kin?

Prince’s younger sister, Tyka, was seen on episode 4 of Empire‘s fourth season, “Bleeding War.” She attended Bella’s Prince-inspired birthday party.  Cookie asks if Prince celebrated birthdays.  Tyka removes her shades and shrugs her shoulders.

We recently published an article on how Prince could have died from the flu, especially considering the fact he was in Atlanta.  We also published an article on Prince being a Christian.

Prince’s next of kin is his younger sister, Tyka Nelson.  Tyka is Prince’s only full-blooded sibling.  Tyka and Prince have 3 half-sisters and 4 half-brothers.
Who Is Prince Next Of Kin?
Who Is Prince Next Of Kin?

Tyka was teased as a kid and it crushed her confidence.  City Pages reports that Tyka began writing songs when she was 10 and started smoking weed when she was 13.

Yesterday Tyka thanked fans outside of Prince’s Paisley Park Studios.  She told Prince’s fans how much he loved them.
Prince's Sister Tyka
Prince’s Sister Tyka

Tyka released six albums in her career.  Her last album was released in 2008, 20 years after the release of her first album in 1988.  Heavy reports that Prince helped Tyka overcome her drug addiction in the early 2000s.

Who Is Prince Next Of Kin?
Who Is Prince Next Of Kin?

The Week reports that MTV stopped everything in order to honor Prince but no one could have said it better than VICE.  KTLA reports that cities around the world are turning purple in memory of Prince:
prince purple
Prince Purple

Hello Giggles reminisced by publishing an article about Prince’s unforgettable guest appearance on New Girl.  A thousand words won’t bring you back, we know because we’ve tried.  Neither will a thousand tears, we know because we’ve cried. Rest in peace Prince.  WE LOVE YOU!