Where Is Keyshia Ka’Oir From?

Keyshia Ka’Oir is Jamaican.  She was born in Saint Thomas on January 6, 1979.  Saint Thomas is an hour and a half away from Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.  Keyshia is proud of her Jamaican roots.  Keyshia is proud of her Jamaican roots.  She released a green Jamaica-inspired Lip Collection through her Ka’Oir cosmetics line.

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Keyshia’s Jamaican roots is one reason why Gucci Mane has been able to maintain a healthy weight.  There are many nutritional benefits found in Jamaican food and it’s great for your waistline.  Gucci looked like a completely different person when he got out of jail.  He can now fit the clothes he couldn’t wear before he got locked up.

Where Is Keyshia Ka'Oir From?
Where Is Keyshia Ka’Oir From?

Jamaicans can be very aggressive.  It’s a stereotype they hate but Keyshia has used her aggression to build successful businesses.  Without aggression you can’t defeat the competition.  She is also aggressive about achieving her goals.  If you follow Ka’Oir on Snapchat you’ve definitely seen her and Gucci work out.

In the video at the end of this article, Khia calls Keyshia out about leaving her kids in Jamaica.  Ka’Oir responded to Khia on Instagram explaining that she does not have 3 kids in Jamaica.
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