Wackstar – Brandon T. Jackson Bow Wow, Khleo Thomas

The screenshot below shows Brandon T. Jackson’s conversation with Wackstar, Chris Brown’s former friend who is now friends with Bow Wow.  Wackstar is a member of the Fruit Town Piru gang.  Jackson contacted him to see if he could fight Bow Wow one on one but Wackstar explained that there’s no such thing as a one on one.

This could become round 2 of the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight that never happened.  Jackson is a comedian so he love this type of drama.  Bow Wow also enjoys attention like this.  He’s not a tough guy but loves acting like one.  This all started after a fan asked Bow Wow if there will be a Roll Bounce 2.  Bow Wow responded “Not with Brandon T. Jackson’s weird a**.”

Wackstar Brandon T. Jackson Bow Wow Beef
Wackstar Brandon T. Jackson Bow Wow Beef

Khleo Thomas: “Let’s just go make Roll Bounce 2”

Actor, Khleo Thomas played Mixed Mike in the original Roll Bounce.  In the Instagram post below he suggests that they should move forward with Roll Bounce 2.  Bow Wow and Brandon T. Jackson can have a skate off in the movie to decide who can be the leader of the Garden Boys, Bow Wow skating crew in the film.

Wackstar Net Worth

Wackstar’s current net worth is $100,000.  He protected Soulja Boy throughout his beef with Chris Brown.  Wack and Chris Brown had a falling out, leading Soulja Boy to hire him for protection.

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