Ray J – B2K Reunion

Lil Fizz is trying to organize a B2K reunion.  In episode 13 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season, “Exit Stage Left” Fizz runs the idea by Ray J.  Fizz has been trying to reach out to Omarion but the group’s former lead singer is ignoring his phone calls and text messages.  Omarion got a new phone number so Fizz tried to DM him and he ignores his messages.

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Fizz meets up with Omarion’s former bae, Apryl Jones.  She tells him that Omarion is focused on his career as a solo artist.  Apryl offers to replace Omarion but Fizz isn’t feeling that idea.  Omarion isn’t the only person that won’t be a part of the B2K reunion.  Fizz explains that Raz-B would be a risk so he refuses to include him in the group’s reunion plans.

Ray J B2K Reunion Net Worth
Ray J B2K Reunion

Ray J is excited about Fizz’s idea.  In the past few years, Ray J hasn’t been focused on music but he has some unforgettable songs.  Fizz meets up with Ray J after one of Ray’s shows.  We see Ray J perform his amazing song, “One Wish.”

J-Boog doesn’t seem very happy about Ray J replacing Omarion.  In the previews for the “Matters Of The Heart” episode, Ray and J-Boog are seen arguing and Fizz has to calm them down.

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