Nelly Net Worth 2018 – Shantel Jackson

Nelly is worth $1.5 million and his girlfriend, Shantel Jackson is worth $1 million.  Jackson may have to cough up some of her cash.  Her ex-fiancé, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is accusing her of stealing a large amount of cash during their relationship.  Mayweather filed the suit as a cross-complaint in response to Jackson’s 2014 domestic violence lawsuit.

Floyd Mayweather Sues Shantel Jackson For Stealing Money
Floyd Mayweather Sues Shantel Jackson For Stealing Money
Shantel Jackson’s 2014 lawsuit claims that Mayweather has choked her and even pointed a gun at her.  She claims that he got upset after she aborted their twins and publicly embarrassed her by posting a sonogram on Facebook.

On October 7, 2017, rapper, Nelly was arrested for rape.  Auburn police arrested him after a woman on his tour bus claimed that he raped her.  The St. Louis rapper, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., performed at the White River Amphitheater in Washington and then travelled to Seattle.  The woman took the trip with the rapper and they clearly weren’t on the same page.

Nelly Net Worth As Of 2018: $1.5 Million

Nelly’s net worth of $1.5 million is much lower than the $60 million he was worth about a decade ago.  His legal troubles have costed him millions and they always seem to involve his tour bus.  We recently told you about Mystkal’s rape charges and now Nelly is dealing with a similar situation.

Nelly Net Worth 2017 Shantel Jackson
Nelly Net Worth 2017 Shantel Jackson


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After the success of Country Grammar, Nelly released Sweat and Suit.  The albums sold great and then he released his hit song “Grillz” proving that he was far from a one hit wonder.  “Grillz” was produced by Jermaine Dupri and Nelly knew he could call on the producer anytime he needed a hit.  Dupri and Nelly also teamed up for “Stepped On My J’z” another classic track.


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The next phase of Nelly’s career wasn’t as successful as his first decade in the game.  It’s difficult for artists to remain relevant when new artists are introduced on a regular basis.  In 2010 he released 5.0 and in 2013 he released M.O.  Neither album was as successful as his first four albums.


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Nelly has been dating Floyd Mayweather’s former bae, Shantel Jackson for years.  I don’t think they’ll break up.  Shantel was in a relationship with Floyd so she should be used to cheating.

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