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Michel’le Toussaint discusses her and Dr. Dre’s son, Marcel Young in her new Lifetime special, Michel’le: Still Standing.  Wendy Williams asked Michel’le intimate details about her personal life and the signer was happy to answer them.  Wendy crossed the line when she asked who was better in bed between Dr. Dre and Suge Knight.  Toussaint answered “Neither!”


Marcel was born on February 6, 1991 in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Dre Son Marcel Young
Dr. Dre Son Marcel Young

Marcel’s mother’s voice is beautiful is his father is a legendary rapper and producer.  He’s destined for success in the music industry but his parents have done a great job keeping him out the spotlight.

Marcel Young Michel'le Toussaint
Marcel Young Michel’le Toussaint Son


Here’s a recent pic of Marcel and his father:


Marcel Young Dr. Dre
Marcel Young Dr. Dre Son

Marcel’s sister, Suge Knight’s daughter, Bailei

In the video below, Marcel explains that he has a great relationship with his younger sister, Bailei.  After breaking up with Dre, Michel’le started dating Suge Knight.  Michel’le and Suge welcomed Bailei on November 28, 2002.

Suge Knight is locked up at L.A. County Jail, a short distance from where Bailei lives.  In Michel’le: Still Standing, we see Bailei visit Knight in jail.  Although he’s close, Bailei has only seen him one time.
Here’s an adorable pic of Michel’le, Bailei and Marcel:
Michel'le Dr. Dre Son Marcel Young
Michel’le Dr. Dre Son Marcel Young
The following pic shows Dre and Marcel a few years after Marcel was born.
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The pic below shows Bailei and Marcel spending quality time together:


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