McKayla Maroney Instagram Name – Larry Nassar

McKayla Maroney’s Instagram name was @mckaylamaroney but she recently deleted her account.  Pray for the former gymnast.  When #MeToo started trending she decided to share her story.  NPR reports that Maroney was molested by her USA gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar when she was 13.  The abuse continued for years.

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A few months ago, Maroney returned to Instagram and posted numerous provocative pictures.  Her actions could be a result of the long-term effects of childhood abuse.  McKayla explained that she takes breaks from social media to maintain her sanity.  Childhood abuse survivors can find it difficult to maintain trusting relationships throughout their adult lives.

McKayla Maroney Instagram Name
McKayla Maroney Instagram Name

Dr. Larry Nassar Has Been Arrested For Sexual Abuse

The following picture shows Maroney’s abuser, Dr. Larry Nassar.  He previously worked for Michigan State University.
Dr. Larry Nassar, McKayla Maroney's Abuser
Dr. Larry Nassar, McKayla Maroney’s Abuser
Last year, Dr. Larry Nassar was arrested.  The FBI says he used a Go Pro to record the abuse.  He was previously arrested for sexual abuse and has been named in numerous complaints.  
How could law enforcement let Dr. Nassar get away with this for so long?  He was first accused of sexual abuse in 1994.  A gymnast claimed that the abused went on for years.  Since then, he has been named in more than 60 sexual abuse complaints.

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