Lil B Gets Beat Up By A Boogie And PnB Rock

The video at the end of this article shows rapper Lil B get jumped.  He got beat up by A Boogie wit da Hoodie and PnB Rock.  Lil B gets on stage and reveals that A Boogie and his crew beat him up.  The incident occurred at the Rolling Loud Festival.  Lil B said something about A Boogie’s music so A Boogie decided to beat him up.

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Lil B is a very positive person.  The rapper, whose real name is Brandon McCartney isn’t holding a grudge against A Boogie and PnB Rock, instead he got on stage and proclaimed that it’s still all love. Lil B should be applauded for using his words instead of his fist.  If I were him, I would press charges against A Boogie and his crew.

Lil B Gets Beat Up By A Boogie And PNB Rock
Lil B Gets Beat Up By A Boogie And PnB Rock

What was A Boogie and PnB Rock thinking? We are all entitled to our opinions and shouldn’t get beat up for our beliefs.  There are plenty of people that dislike A Boogie’s music.  Does the rapper plan to beat up anyone who says something negative about him? He’ll be fighting for a very long time.

Lil B explains that he got beat up by 10 people and they stole his stuff.  The rapper wasn’t able to do his show but he still maintained his positive outlook.  “Just cause somebody do something to y’all don’t mean you gotta retaliate!”

What do you think about Lil B getting jumped?